After the win7 system is turned on, the display does not display the content.

Speaking of the most important part of the computer, it is estimated that the display is, because if the display in the computer is broken, the screen is not a black screen, there is no reaction, so the computer It is impossible to operate at all, so the display is second to none in the ranking of computer parts. Today Xiaobian also encountered such a problem, the display of the win7 computer has not responded after booting, there is no content display, even if you want to find out what kind of problem, there is no way, so Xiaobian today teach you if you encounter the display screen is broken how to fix?

win7 system boot monitor does not display the contents of the solution
1. If this happens, then first of all we need to do is check your win7 Ultimate PC External wiring of the power supply to see if it is because the power supply is not connected. You can also try to remove all the power supplies first, and then reconnect them to see if the problem can be solved.
2. If there is no problem with the wires, we can try to check if there is any metal around the host to see if the screen is not displayed due to damage to the CPU.
3. If you still can't solve the problem, let's disassemble the main unit and clean the dust.
This method can help us to check out the problem of the display, just a few simple steps, but if you still can't solve it, you can only open the host to see if it is caused by the CPU. !

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