Win7 system manually modify the firewall to fix the system vulnerability

Computer security is undoubtedly the most concerned issue for computer users today. When using the computer, the system prompts that there are loopholes that need to be fixed. Most people must fix it as soon as possible for system security. But often the repair time will be slow and slow, even after we finish the work, he is still repairing. Most people will choose to wait for the repair to complete in order to maintain computer security. But this will certainly waste a lot of time, so today Xiaobian has found a very time-saving method for everyone, starting from the source, first set up the system and security on the control panel - Windows Firewall, and then fix the vulnerability Will greatly reduce the time. ! Take a look at the following specific methods and small series win7 fix vulnerabilities maintain computer security, right
1, before the system bug fixes, you need to enter the system start menu;

2, and then on the Start menu click control panel, then choose "system and security" on the control panel - "Windows firewall";

3, and then on the Windows firewall panel, carry out protection work on the system in the firewall page.
Reduce the repair time by setting the source, but it will not affect the quality of the repair. Is the idea great? If you encounter such problems next time, try it!
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