Win7 system D disk can not be formatted solution

In general, we never format the D disk, but under what circumstances, we will choose to format the D disk? If there is too much garbage in the D disk, we do not want When cleaning up, we can choose to format the D drive, because the file in the D drive is not so important compared to the system garbage in the C drive. It is a very important file, which can be transferred before formatting. After the change, we can save a lot of trouble. In addition to cleaning up the garbage, we encountered problems that the disk could not be opened or could not be read. You can try to format the disk, and the problem may be solved. The following small series teaches everyone win7 system can not format the D disk solution, hurry to learn!
1, you can run -cmd format d: -u Force formatted D drive.
2, right click on my electricity - properties - advanced - performance settings - advanced - virtual memory changes, select the virtual memory storage partition (D) in the drive list and click "no page file" click the "settings" and click "OK"

3, then select "run and type in the start menu format d: /, wait for the system to format
4, you can also hold down the F8 boot into Safe mode, try to format in safe mode.
5, or put the system disk into the installation interface, select D disk, then press D to delete this partition--press L to confirm the deletion and then create a partition.
Knowledge points: Low-level formatting is used to refer to the operation of dividing cylinders, tracks, and sectors into disks. Nowadays, with the gradual withdrawal of floppy disks from everyday applications, the application of new addressing methods and interfaces to disks The word has lost its original meaning. Most hard disk manufacturers define Low-Level Formatting as the operation of creating a hard disk sector to make the hard disk storage capable. Now, people are low-level. Formatting has some misunderstanding, majority In this case, referring to low-level formatting, it often refers to the zero-filling operation of the hard disk.
Formatting the disk can solve many problems in our daily life, because it is equivalent to re-entering after formatting, so it is a good The solution, but we have to choose carefully before formatting, because it is easy to lose files, you must first transfer important files to format!

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