Win7 network sharing setting method

The current society is a country that pursues resource sharing. Whether it is natural resources or network resources, it is hoped that sharing can be shared with others. Especially in the current Internet powers, network sharing has become a common thing. Although many people don't have a great understanding of the role of network sharing, his functionality cannot be erased. In fact, this is the same science as our mobile phone opening hotspot. The principle, but the use of network sharing in the computer is more dangerous, and the operation is more cumbersome than the mobile phone. The following small series introduces those who do not know much about the network, how to use network sharing safely.
1. First, press the win+r shortcut on the win7 system keyboard to open the running window of the computer. After that, enter cmd in the open running window and click Enter. This will open the win7 system command. The prompt window is up.

2. In the command prompt window, type net share command code and click the Enter, then, win7 computer to computer in the network will be a shared resource scan on command to the window See specific shared resource information.

3. If you want to delete a shared C drive, then enter the command net share c $ /d and click the Enter, if you want to delete the D drive is shared, enter the command net share d $ /d and click Enter. If you delete the IPC share, you only need to execute the command net share ipc$ /d and click Enter to confirm.
The above three simple steps can teach you to open network sharing safely. Pay attention to security when opening. Because network sharing is dangerous, network security is especially important, so everyone should be careful!

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