Win7 system recycle bin picture shows the wrong solution

Perhaps many people have not noticed that there are two different styles of files and no files in the recycle bin on the win7 desktop. Some files are one display, no files are another display, so we often follow the style of the chart. Judging whether there is a file inside, this is also a small skill of the win7 system, which is a powerful function for the user. However, some users have recently reported that the Win7 system desktop recycle bin displays an error. No matter whether there is a file or no file, the icon of the recycle bin has not changed. The following small series will answer the Win7 system desktop recycle bin display error. .
Reason analysis:
This kind of failure is caused by the user having some optimizations on the desktop icon. After clicking the "Restore Defaults" reset desktop icon, the above sticking occurs when the icon is updated. Re-selecting the corresponding icon will almost solve the problem.
operation is as follows:
1, select "personalize" When you click a blank place on the desktop, right-click menu appears right mouse button;

2, then click on the left side of the "Change in personalized interface desktop icons "option;

3, select the icon below the area of ​​the" Recycle Bin (full) ", then click the" change icon "button;

4, find the list of icons from the" Recycle Bin (full) "corresponding to the icon, and then determine

5, next to!" Recycle Bin (empty), "do the same operation;

6, finally, press the OK button to exit the desktop icon set interface

Recycle Bin icon displays the wrong question appears to be insignificant, in fact, is a very important part, because it can help us to quickly identify the presence or absence of junk files in the Recycle Bin, you can always clean up , the friends who have the same problem can try it!

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