Win7 system can not start Nvidia control panel solution

As we all know, several important parts of the computer, one of which is the graphics card, many people usually do not care about these, only when the computer encounters problems will check Today, a user came to Xiaobian and asked him to say that his computer's display could not be opened. After the boot, there was no reaction. After checking, it was found that the video card had a problem, so we should use it in normal use. The computer often has a physical examination, such as the Nvidia control panel in the win7 computer, which can set the graphics card and enhance the graphics card function. The following small series will teach you how to start the Nvidia control panel.

Win7 under the system will not boot solution Nvidia control panel
first step: we can try to uninstall the Nvidia driver, and then try to download the latest drivers from the official site, restart the computer to download and install, if Still can't open normally and continue to look down.
Step 2: We check whether the related services are started correctly. The method is as follows: Open Control Panel→Administrative Tools→Services, and find two options: NVIDIA Driver Helper Service and NVIDIA Update Service Daemon, and then their startup type. Change to manual first, then click to start. Then change to automatic, the service status is also changed to start. After making the settings, try to see if you can open the nvidia control panel.
The third step: through the win+R fast run function, enter the "msconfig" command in the run box, then we can see the system configuration, we switch it to the service option, see the boot options If you don't have NVIDIA-related options, check if there are any, then try again.
We use computer in daily life, pay attention to the changes of the computer, and often maintain the function of the computer, which will not only prolong the life of the computer, but also we will be more and more assured when using the computer.

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