Where is the win7 local security policy

The win7 system is an operating system that we are familiar with, and it is also the most classic series in the history of Microsoft. There are many functions that are often used in our daily life, so now the market is very popular for the win7 system. There is a local security policy in win7. I don't know if everyone knows it. Just open this function to effectively protect our computer from external viruses, but many of them do not understand the local security policy. How can I know? Where to open it? The following small series will teach you how to open the local security policy in the win7 computer.
1, find the "Control Panel options"!

2, open the "System and Security" in the Control Panel!

3 in the Start menu, in new page pop, we again click on the "management tool" to enter;

4, then in the pop-up window we find "Administrative tools", then turn to find the "local security policy", click away Open as shown below.

second method,
1, easier way to start another. Click the "Start" menu, enter "Run" in the search box, the pop-up window will pop up, as shown below; or use the shortcut key Windows+R, you can also start the running window.
2, enter "ecpol.msc" in the run line window, press Enter to start the local security policy.

This method can form a protective film on our computers, our PC is an effective guarantee, you do not know the friends of this feature can make use of the car to be understood on the local computer quickly under examination Is the security policy turned on?

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