Win7 system under the taskbar window can not display thumbnails solution

win7 system has been the best word of mouth in all the systems introduced by Microsoft, because some of the functions are very practical, is often encountered in the daily life of users To, for example, win7 system has a thumbnail function, as long as the mouse moves to the lower taskbar window, you will see the contents of the thumbnail, it is very convenient for users who need it, always used this The functional partners are very dependent on this, and each time the mouse moves to the bottom of the desktop, it will subconsciously look at it. However, some users have recently reported that this feature has disappeared. The following small series will teach you how to do the thumbnail of the taskbar window below the win7 Ultimate computer.
Win7 system taskbar window can not display thumbnail solution
Step 1: First we need to enter the local group policy editor, we can use the command form to quickly enter, the method is: win + R key combination fast Run, or find the run window in the start menu!
Step 2: Expand User Configuration - "Administrative Templates" - "Start Menu and Taskbar" in the left window, then find it in the right window and on "close taskbar thumbnails"

3. in the open edit window, we will before the default setting to disabled, and then click OK to save it.

for functions habits sometimes gone really bother people so want to find ways to get back this feature, a friend in need can try the method described above, is a good introduction Oh!

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