What is the impact of Win7 memory problems on the system?

When we use computers, we often encounter various problems. This is an inevitable thing. As the saying goes, how can we not wet shoes when we walk along the river? We must calm down in the face of problems, and solve problems in the face of problems. Calmly dealt with, for example, when we turn on the computer, everything is normal, but when running a large game, there is a blue screen phenomenon. This shows that there is a problem with the memory, because when there is a problem with the computer memory, it will cause various problems. Will affect the normal use of our computer, today Xiaobian for everyone to sort out some computer problems that may be caused by memory problems, for your attention. The impact on system memory caused

Win7 appears as follows:
1, when an alarm sounds after the motherboard memory plug. This situation generally makes us unable to boot. There is a problem with the memory.
2, the memory of the golden finger is broken. If the user has two memories, then the win7 system generally only recognizes that there is no broken memory, so the above phenomenon will also occur, so that the computer motherboard will not alert the user. Broken memory, then the motherboard will still alarm.
3, the machine is normal when booting, but there is a blue screen phenomenon when running large-scale computing or games, similar to the second case, then this phenomenon is most likely a problem of memory timing disorder, probably due to users The memory timing caused by cpu overclocking is garbled.
4, when the boot appears 000x000000 blue screen similar phenomenon, this phenomenon is a memory frequency and motherboard bus problems, may be due to the computer motherboard does not support the frequency of the memory.
5, when the computer is running, the operation, the game is all normal, but the memory capacity is not displayed in the system properties or the memory capacity is less displayed. This phenomenon may be a problem of the user system, of course, it may be due to the motherboard. The slot is broken and the system has no way to identify one of the memory. This phenomenon is generally not alarmed by the motherboard.
The above five questions are only part of it. There are still a lot of small series that are not listed one by one. If you encounter five problems similar to the above, check the memory of your computer quickly!

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