How to open the highest user management authority under Win7 system

Now many people have a wrong view, that is, the administrator administrator is mistaken for the highest user rights. In fact, this method is obviously wrong. There is also a maximum user right in the win7 system. This highest user right has the greatest rights. You can control some of the changes in the computer at your own discretion. Many of the changes can only be changed by the highest user rights, so this feature is what many people want. Today Xiaobian gives everyone a benefit, teach everyone how to win the highest user rights.
The first step is to first return to the win7 system desktop, find the computer icon in the desktop, and right click on the management option to enter.

Step Two: In the pop-up window, click on the meaning of "Local Users and Groups" - "User", which is win7 system login account will appear in the middle window, we select the "Administrator" and then continue down look

third step:! Double-click to open the "administrator" option in the account management options "account disabled" option to remove the check, and then click OK to save the settings.

Xiao Bian teach you just use the method can be successfully opened up user permissions, but then when we turn on the computer operation to pay attention to computer security, but in general win7 default administrator permissions sufficient If there is nothing, it is best not to open it, so you need to be cautious.

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