Win7 system log where

users who use win7 have the same problem, that is, the use of time is long, the system disk file takes up more and more space, some users even have the problem of insufficient C disk capacity, it is very small The hard disk can only be forced to delete only some files, which is very annoying for the user, so I would like to ask if there is any way to reduce the size of the system file, or delete some files in the C drive. . In fact, we do not know, there is a log log file in the win7 system, it exists in the system disk, but it is not an important file, the following small series will teach you how to delete the log file in the C disk in the win7 system.
Where is the win7 system log? How to delete?
Step 1: We need to open the "Computer" window, in the pop-up window we enter the C drive.
Step 2: In the open C drive, use the combination shortcut “Ctrl F” or the search box in the upper right corner of the window (as shown below), then enter *.log in the search box. The system will boot all the log files under the C drive.

third step: After searching through finished, we can see the system log LOG files, if you want to delete all LOG log file, simply press the key combination Ctrl A privilege, press the key combination "Ctrl D" is deleted, or right click to delete.
Not all files placed on the system disk are important files. We should be good at screening. For example, the Log log described in this article is not an important file, so deleting it does not make any sense.

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