Win7 taskbar widening solution

Recently, some users have reported that when their win7 computer is turned on, the following taskbar suddenly becomes wider, which is twice as wide as the original one. It has not changed any data at all, although it does not affect us to watch the video or view the webpage. But always look uncomfortable and affect the appearance. If you reinstall the system for this reason, it will be too much trouble and waste money. Is there any simple way to restore the taskbar? The following small series will share the solution for widening the Win7 system taskbar. This method does not require downloading any help software or wasting a lot of time. Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.
The solution for widening the win7 taskbar is as follows
1. Right-click on the taskbar and unlock the taskbar before you can set it.
2, hover your mouse over the connection between the desktop and the taskbar, the mouse will become a double arrow.

3, this time using the left mouse button click on the seams let go while dragging the mouse down.

4, satisfaction and then let go, the taskbar will restore narrowed
5, in order to prevent misuse leading to the taskbar and then changed appearance, click Lock the Taskbar, it will not widened.
The size of the taskbar can be locked by the above method, and the above situation will not occur again in the future. We do not need to widen the taskbar in the tangled taskbar, and only a few steps can be used to achieve recovery. Try it soon after you need it.
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