Win7 system batch end running program to release computer performance

notebook users know that after using the computer for a period of time, due to less and less memory, the program will run slower and slower, and sometimes even the prompt "program not responding", In this case, there is often no way to press any key. Users with certain computer technology foundations will open the Windows Task Manager to view programs or processes, close some applications, and the computer will return to normal, but there are users who reflect the task manager process carefully. There are a lot of duplicate programs, computers. CPU usage is also large, indicating that these repetitive processes waste the CPU of the computer. Today, Xiaobian introduces you how to open the program in large quantities to expand the CPU memory.
Win7 system batch end running program to release computer performance operation method
Method 1:
1, first click win7 system start menu, then find attachments in all programs, command prompt and right click, then run as administrator;

2, at the command prompt, enter the code taskkill /F /IM iexplore.exe and press enter; after

3, completion of the operation, task management The duplicate IE process in the device will be closed.
Method 2:
1. Right click on the win7 system desktop and select New-Shortcut;
2. Then enter the location of the input object: taskkill.exe /F /IM iexplore.exe /T and click Next; multiple processes

3, there will be a shortcut to the desktop after the completion of the back if you need to close the IE process is repeated, then double-click the shortcut to all duplicate a key Closed off.
It is very troublesome and a lot of time to delete duplicate processes one by one. The above method of shutting down the cloud to run the program is very simple. If the computer card machine is slow next time, let's see if the CPU is heavily Repeated program usage, if it is, use the above method to solve it.

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