How to restore the factory settings of win7 system


For the recovery of the factory settings of the computer system, we have the following methods. First of all, the first method is that when we turn on the power, do not worry about other operations. Before entering the system, long press the F8 button to enter the advanced startup option of Win7 and select the option to repair the computer. However, one thing we tend to overlook is that we often forget the choice of keyboard input method, which we must pay attention to. Although he did not help us to clear the system, it is a routine procedure of our computer. Forgetting this step is detrimental to the stable operation of our current computer, which is not conducive to further development in the future.
Finally, we may need an administrator password, which needs to be entered; but if you don't set a password, just "OK" is fine. Next, after entering the system recovery options, select Restore and Emergency Backup. In this, there is an option to "restore my computer", click "Next" to start restoring the system to the factory state. It is important to note that during the recovery process, the notebook needs to be connected to other adapters. After you finish, don't forget to restart your computer. Otherwise, your computer won't be able to enter your final operation. It may be restored to the way we started our computer win7.
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