Win7 shutdown prompt program is still running solution

Now the win7 system is outdated, and some users do not upgrade their systems in time, there will always be various problems, recently Xiaobian received a problem: when the computer is shut down The system prompts that the program is still going on. After a long time, the computer has not been successfully shut down. This happens, probably because many programs are running "invisible", that is, they are not necessarily applications, but system programs. If you open the task manager at this time, you will find that the software is still running in the background. But we can't always close the system program in the task manager before shutting down, so Xiaobian will introduce you to Win7 shutdown, always telling the program is still running how to solve it?
Step 1: Click the Start menu, then Open the Registry Editor by clicking "Run" on the Start menu and entering the regedit command on the Run window.

Step two: Expand the HKEY_CURRENT_USER \\ Control Panel \\ Desktop entry in the Registry Editor, and then locate the "AugoEndTasks" item in the right pane, and then AugoEndTasks revised to 1.

looked small series of the above solutions, you no longer have to force shut down every computer hard drive or damaged always click Close Task Manager is a system program. Save time and solve this annoying trouble at a time, why not?

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