Win7 system uses repair tools to solve the problem of computer boot failure

Everyone in the process of using the computer will be very careful, for fear of computer poisoning, which will prevent the boot from going smoothly. When encountering a boot problem, we are patiently waiting. When we are lucky, we will boot. You can fix it according to the built-in “troubleshooting tool”, but most of them are unfortunate, even if you can't turn it on, most of the time. People will choose to reinstall the system. But reinstalling the system is cumbersome, not only wasting time, but many files are lost when the system is reinstalled. Now Xiaobian will tell you a simple repair method.
use tools to solve computer repair boot failure follows
1, select Repair your computer, you can start the repair, can effectively solve some of the problems may prevent the launch of the system;

2, in the Startup Repair After that, it will scan the computer and automatically resolve it if it detects a startup problem. The system file is missing or damaged will not be able to solve the problem by repairing computer;

3, when the system fails to start, better to use a computer to solve some problem to repair the computer can not start if it can not fix it, Reinstall the system.
Through the "start repair" function of the Win7 system at boot time, we can easily solve the boot problem. After the repair, multiple computers scan it. If it is a detection problem, it will automatically solve it. It is simple and convenient, and it does not bother. Interested users must learn.

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