Win7 system internet option can not open the solution

The first time you contact the computer should be to check some information online, the first software to contact should be IE browser, also know that the Internet option in IE browser is very important, it Set a number of important properties, such as blocking the pop-up ads on the webpage, turning off the pop-up dialing prompts, clearing the automatically saved login password, and restoring IE as the default browser. However, some users have recently reported that the Internet option of the notebook win7 system cannot be opened. This means that we cannot set the Internet option. During this period, it may be cracked by a private land boundary such as a mailbox. Is there any way to solve it? can not open the Internet options notebook problem? Xiaobian look at it! solution
win7 system can not open the internet options as follows

1, first under Win7 system, use Win + R keys bring up the run dialog box, and then type gpedit.msc command in the run window, open the local group policy editor;

2, under the local group policy editor, expand "user configuration" - "Administrative templates" - "Internet explore" - "browser menu";

3, and then find the "tools menu: disable Internet options" in the right pane, double-click to open and set it to "prohibited", then Exit and save the local Group Policy Editor.
Through the method set by the local group policy editor, I believe that users who use this method will be able to easily solve the problem that Internet options cannot be opened. This simple and practical tip, interested users must try it!

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