How to add the "Open this file with Notepad" menu option under Windows system

The notepad in our computer can't be deleted. Its function is to choose to open it with Notepad, don't worry about file loss, and they have more powerful functions than any other program, because there are often files in the computer that you don't know. Type, if you rashly open with other applications, unfortunately it will damage the file, so using Notepad is the most foolproof. When we use the computer, we usually put the commonly used open software in the right-click menu. In order to open the file conveniently in the future, is there any way to add "Open the file with Notepad" to the right-click menu? Then follow the small series. Let's see.
win steps to add menu options "to open the file with Notepad"
1, click the Start menu, open the "Run" and type "regedit" in the run determined;

2 , open the registry editor, navigate to our "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \\ *" then right-click on the "*" folder and select New item;

3, rename the new item named "Shell", then right-click "SHell" and a new entry is renamed to "Notepad" and double-click the right side of the "default" value will be changed to "use Notepad to open the file";

4, continue right "Notepad" to create a new item, rename "Command";

5, next, after selecting the Command, double-click the "default" on the right, into the value "notepad% 1" (without the quotes) and click OK;

6. Finally, exit the registry convenience, right click on a file to try, is there an option to open with Notepad.
Interested users quickly learn to learn, we can use Notepad to open unknown files directly, don't worry about breaking the file, guarantee the security of the file, and make us easy to operate, just a few simple operations Can be set successfully.

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