The win7 system cleans up the "surfAnonymous.exe" process

Everyone is most afraid of using a computer is poisoning, and the computer is running very slow, card. Computer poisoning can reinstall the system, but the computer card machine to reinstall the system and feel that it is not necessary, if you go to clean the computer, it will work. Recently, Xiaobian listened to his colleagues saying that his computer had a special card some time ago. Fortunately, he learned the computer. He knew that the surfAnonymous.exe process suddenly appeared in the win7 system. It is a very memory-intensive program. Users often install a proxy server. The software forgot to uninstall, causing it to occupy a large amount of memory and thus causing a card machine phenomenon. Xiaobian introduced it to everyone about the way the colleague heard it. Operation
win7 system clean-up "surfAnonymous.exe" process is as follows
1, open the Control Panel, click "Uninstall a program" ';

2, find the "surf Anonymous free" in the list of programs Right click on Uninstall.

If you are determined to be due to the computer card machine surfAnonymous.exe process led, I believe this method is fully capable to help you, but not all card machines can use this method to get all of those who must be the right medicine .

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