Automatic timing shutdown command Daquan


In normal times, we will need to use the computer to hang up to download or handle other tasks. When we do other things, we need to shut down the computer regularly. Today we will share the computer automatic shutdown command for windows system. The Shutdown.exe program in the computer is to handle tasks such as shutdown, we do not need to download the third-party timing automatic shutdown software. The following commands apply to all windows7, windowsxp, windows8, and windows systems.

Automatic Timed Shutdown Command Daquan

1. Let the computer automatically shut down at the specified time: [at 22:30 shutdown -s]

2. How many hours does the computer get? Or the automatic shutdown command after minutes: [shutdown -s -t 3600], the prompt: here 3600 represents the number of seconds, 3600 seconds means 1 hour, the previous command is automatically shut down after 1 hour

3 , cancel the automatic shutdown command: [shutdown -a]

How to use the timed automatic shutdown command?

1, we first open the Start menu, click Run --- (you can use shortcut keys: windows key + R), enter the above automatic shutdown command

2, that is, click OK Yes, the system will prompt, the shutdown countdown prompt, win7 will not prompt, but will automatically shut down after the time is up.

You can see in the windows of our regular shutdown command set.

How to view the auto shutdown command task set to

1. Open the start menu first----click on the control panel---- find the management tool---click the task scheduler

2, in the mission plan will see the 2 oclock automatic shutdown command we just added, you can delete the auto shutdown command here, you can also use the [shutdown -a] command taught above Cancel the automatic shutdown task.

Automatic shutdown command parameters What does this mean

Auto Shutdown command in the following we only need to know it, we are not daily Used, I have already taught you how to use the automatic shutdown command.

1, shutdown -f: means to forcefully close all programs;

2, shutdown -m: computer name, remote computer name; this command can control LAN computer shutdown

3, shutdown -i: display graphical user interface

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