Win7 system double-click folder pop-up search interface solution

In fact, the win7 system has been very stable, but after a long time, there will be certain problems. The following small series will introduce a problem that does not occur often, but it is very troublesome once it appears. The win7 Ultimate system double-clicks the folder to pop up the search interface. These two seemingly impossible simultaneous pages appear together. Only when the right button is opened can the folder read the file normally. This situation is not set by us. It is only possible that we inadvertently added another search in the right-click menu, and the default use of search open. We only need to open the file by default. The following small series will teach you this method.
method to solve double-click the folder pop-up search interface
1, open the Registry Editor (type regedit be determined on the fly);

2, open the registry, we navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \\ Directory \\ shell subkey;

3, will "find" file in the shell folder items deleted, and then exit the registry on it.
We only need to set up the registry to solve it easily. You don't need to open the folder every time you open it. It is sure to help users who need it.

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