When the win7 file starts, the warning window pops up. How to disable the

by the cmd command. Now the computer will install a lot of anti-virus software to protect your computer, in case some files are maliciously damaged by the computer, this is a good thing for the system. It can effectively protect our computer, but every time we open an unknown file, a security warning prompt window will pop up. In many cases, the file does not pose any threat to the computer, and each time it will pop up various prompts, so that the user can see it very much. Upset. So how can we make the security warning prompt window no longer pop up? The following small series uses the win7 system as an example to teach you how to use Win7 to prevent the file from popping up when the file is started.
Win7 pop-up warning window when prohibiting file startup
1. Use the combination shortcut key win key +r key to open the running window, enter "cmd" Enter to confirm the open command window.

2. In the command window that opens "reg add HKCU \\ Software \\ Microsoft \\ Windows \\ CurrentVersion \\ Policies \\ Associations /v ModRiskFileTypes /t REG_SZ /d .exe; .bat; .vbs /f" Confirm with the carriage return.

3. After the successful operation command prompt window, click on the command window, type "gpupdate /force" Enter to confirm.

4. In the command window to see the computer policy update is completed successfully, you can close the command window to complete the operation.

everyone making more than the set time, to think twice, because although the security alert window is very annoying, but it is also a form of protection of computers, still very necessary, so we consider to be Let's do it!

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