How to clear the index record under Win7 system to expand the C disk space

Everyone knows that there is a very useful function in the win7 system, which is the index function. We can quickly find the required files or programs, which is a very convenient function setting for the user. However, it is also a problem for some users with small computer capacity, because as long as we use the search function in the win7 computer, the C drive will automatically save the index record. Over time, it will store a lot of caches. If it is not cleaned for a long time, Will occupy the C disk space, which is a big burden for the computer. The following small series teaches you Win7 how to expand the C disk space by clearing the index record document. Under
Win7 system how to remove the index records as follows

1, if you do not choose to use the search function, and intends to close, then were to be C: \\ ProgramData \\ Microsoft \\ Search \\ Data \\ Applications \\ Windows removes the Windows.edb file, C:\\ProgramData\\Microsoft\\Search\\Data\\Applications\\Windows\\Projects\\SystemIndex\\Indexer to remove the cifiles folder.
2, the index document, for friends who commonly use this feature, it is still very important. Before and after reinstalling the computer, C:\\ProgramData\\Microsoft\\Search\\Data\\ can be used for backup and restore operations to improve the efficiency of reinstalling the computer.
C disk is a system disk in the computer, it is a very important disk. Once there are too many things inside, the computer will run slowly, so everyone should pay attention to whether the space of the C disk is large enough!

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