How to correctly solve the error method introduced by Win7 router

Now the router is a very common tool in our daily life. He can realize multiple computers connected at the same time. Almost every household has a router installed. Not only can the computer connect to the network, but even the computer can connect to the network. Mobile phones and iPads can all go online, but this also brings a drawback. Once the router fails, all the electronic devices are disconnected. In particular, the router sometimes displays an error indicating the import error. In this case, the router does not. usable. The following small series to teach you how to do Win7 router introduce errors?

Win7 router introduced the wrong way right solution
1, first of all, when introduced into a router fails, the user needs to analyze its own networking, Specifically understand the environment around the router, for example, whether there are routers of the same level around, what are the routing protocols running between the routers, and then what are the corresponding gateway addresses, which are the prerequisites for solving the problem of road faults. .
2. Understand the priority level of the routing protocol. The general router uses the OSPF routing protocol. The main purpose is to help the learning between the routers, and then start the routing after learning. In many cases, the introduction of a fault in a route is a deviation in the process of configuring the OSPF routing protocol.
3, analyze the network segment corresponding to all routers and the configured OSPF routing protocol, to see if all of them are announced, especially to check the router corresponding to this machine, to see if the surrounding routers have learned themselves Use the router's gateway address, and if not, re-declare the new route configuration protocol.
Router is indeed a very important part of our life, because once there is a problem, we can't go online. You can check the problem of the router by referring to the above method, which may be related to the priority of the protocol. Oh! Check your routers quickly!

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