Win7 system returns to the desktop, the solution to the problem of transparent installation and death is

. Users who often use the computer may notice the win7 system. When your mouse is in the rectangular box in the lower right corner, the desktop will be transparently displayed. If you click on the rectangle The box can be directly returned to the desktop. This small function of win7 directly facilitates us to return to the desktop. We don't have to minimize the software, and can directly go back to the desktop to open the software or perform other operations. However, if the function of this aspect is out of the situation, for example, the user has recently reflected that his win7 system has a transparent status after clicking and displaying the desktop. Putting the mouse back to other places is still transparent. This problem is very tricky. Have a certain impact, the following will follow the small series to see the win7 system click to display the desktop after the transparent situation solution.

1, everyone directly use the shortcut key "WIN+R" on the keyboard of our computer to enter the command "regedit" Enter key, you can pop up the "Registry Editor" window.
2, we turn to open in the Open the Registry Editor window path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \\\\ Software \\\\ Microsoft \\\\ Windows \\\\ CurrentVersion \\\\ Explorer \\\\ Advanced options;

3, in In the open window, select the window on the right, right click with the mouse and click New, then enter > DWORD (32-bit) value, set the name to: DesktopLivePreviewHoverTime;
4. After creating, we double click to open the file. "DesktopLivePreviewHoverTime", then put "decimal". The hover time is set to 5 seconds, and the data value box is written to 5000. It is written in a few seconds. The value is corresponding. You can pay attention to it. After the setting is completed, we can save the close window.
According to the above simple steps, I believe that everyone can easily solve the transparent situation after the win7 system clicks to display the desktop. Just in case, Xiaobian thinks that all win7 users should learn. It will definitely help you.

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