The solution to the network location cannot be modified under win7 system

Nowadays, young people attach great importance to computer security. Connecting wireless networks is often the most convenient way for young people to use the Internet. Setting up security for the network has become a top priority. At home, we connect to the home network. In public, we connect to the public. If we don't set the network location, we will probably leave the opportunity for the criminals to endanger the security of our computer. Therefore, the biggest advantage of the network location setting is The appropriate firewall settings can be automatically set for the type of network connected to ensure the security of our computer system. However, some users have recently reported that the win7 Ultimate computer cannot set the network location. Please follow the Xiaobian to see the solution.
How to set the network location under win7 system
1. First, we click to open the start menu of win7 Ultimate computer, and then enter the control panel interface through the start menu.
2. In the open control panel interface, we click to enter the system and security - system management tools, after which we can find the local security principle options in the list. We

3. Double-click to open the item, select the network administrator a list of principles in the left-hand menu, and then double-click to open the network to change the position of the right side of the window, in the Edit window emerging, we choose To change the network location, press [OK] when finished.

read the above detailed solution, we have a certain understanding of the Set Network Location, if interested users to learn it, so our computer security at least play a protective role, no longer Don't worry about being peeped into privacy in public.

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