The reason why the win7 system turns on the camera fails

camera is a small tool that we often use in daily use. Whether it is video chat or video recording, we need to use the camera. Generally, we don't pay much attention to this gadget, only in use. It will be checked if it can run normally. If there is a problem, it will cause great trouble to our lives. Recently, a user of win7 system and Xiaobian reflected that when using win7 computer, I want to open the camera but found that the open failed. What is going on here? The following small series will introduce everyone to win7 system. What is the reason for the failure of the camera function?
The failure to open the camera function is as follows
1. First, let's see how this is caused. Our computer camera can't be used. Let's see if our plugs are connected. If it is a notebook, let's check the computer virus to see if there is a virus.
2, after the line has been viewed and anti-virus can not be opened, you can use the steps described below to try to see if it can be solved.

3, found in desktop computer with a blank place, then right-click to see the computer option, select Manage click Open.
4, after opening the management window, you select the "Device Manager - Image Device" option click to open, right click on the "Update Driver" in the camera options inside;
5, updated the driver In the future, we can click “Browse the computer to find the driver software” - “Driver Update” of “usb video device”, wait for the update to be completed, and everyone can restart the computer!
The camera is the gadget we often use. We should always check if it can be used normally. Don't think of it when it is used. The above teaching method is still very simple, and the friends can check their own camera!

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