How to set up a variety of screensavers under win7 system

Screen saver is a specialized program designed to protect the display. The original intention of the design was to prevent the computer from displaying the same picture for a long time due to unmanned operation, resulting in aging and shortening the life of the display. In addition, although the screen saver is not designed for power saving, the screen saver under Windows is generally dark, greatly reducing the screen brightness, and has a certain power saving effect. Now we know that most screensavers display some pictures or bubbles. Is there any way to make our screensavers diversified and let our computers be more colorful? Let’s explore how the win7 system screensaver can be set up together with Xiaobian. A diversified approach.

the next step;
2, in the open the registry editor window, expand our path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \\ Software \\ Microsoft \\ Windows \\ CurrentVersion \\ Screensavers keys to;

3, we use the mouse Click the right button option of the Bubbles item, open the right button and select "New" - "DWORD (32-bit value)", rename the newly created file name to MaterialGlass;
4, the newly created file MaterialGlass double click to open, then Enter the value 0 in the open window. After you enter it, you can save the Close Registry Editor window.
We use the above method, according to the above steps, we can diversify our screensavers, and we can no longer be a single balloon or a picture. Interested users must try this method.

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