The win7 system prompts some of the notes that the metadata has been corrupted. Solution

Although the win7 system has many functions, and there are many service components, this is his advantage, but sometimes it is also the "culprit" that causes some system failures. Damage to these components is likely to cause the win7 Ultimate computer to fail to boot and the system will not log in properly, but some files will only cause some features to be unusable. These faults are caused by damage to the components. However, a large fault like this will not happen often, but there will be some minor problems such as: Win7 Ultimate computer boot "The metadata of some notes has been corrupted" error, this problem will not affect the normal computer operation, but once use the notes function is bound to be affected, so the following small series will look at how to solve it!

win7 metadata lower part of the note has been damaged solutions
1. first of all, we return to win7 The desktop location of the Ultimate PC, after which you double-click to open the desktop computer and enter the Explorer window of the Win7 Ultimate computer.
2. After that, we enter InkObj.dl in the search window in the upper right corner and click Enter, so that we can enter the folder where InkObj.dl is located. We copy the address above the window, that is, the The path location where the file is located.
3. After that, we also press the win+R shortcut on the keyboard to open the running window of the win7 Ultimate computer. In the open running window, type regsvr32, then the space, and then enter the path of InkObj.dll, for example. System C drive path, that is, enter the system C drive all the path regsvr32 C:\ lsxbe.dll, and then press Enter.
4. In the pop-up window, we will be asked to register TPCPS.DLL again. We can directly follow the prompts.
The above is the solution to the error situation when the user encounters the win7 Ultimate computer booting "The metadata of some notes has been damaged". If you don't want your computer to operate a little bit, this method can help you solve the problem of sticky note damage. .

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