Win7 system using the built-in sound card usb speaker method tutorial

Nowadays, major reforms have taken place in computers, desktop computers are gradually being phased out, and laptops and even handheld computers are becoming more and more popular. Nowadays, the notebook computer is more and more convenient. As far as the sound is concerned, the desktop computer needs the sound, and our win7 notebook computer today introduces the built-in sound card usb speaker in the win7 Ultimate computer. Its function is built-in. When the sound card fails to function properly, it can replace the built-in sound card to complete the sound decoding and output functions. However, few users understand how the win7 Ultimate computer uses the built-in sound card usb speakers. Let's learn together with Xiaobian.
Win7 uses the built-in sound card usb speaker as follows
1. First, we will buy the built-in sound card usb speaker connected to the win7 Ultimate computer. Under normal circumstances, after connecting, the computer will automatically switch the sound card to This USB sound card.
2. After that, we click to open the start menu of win7 Ultimate computer, control panel → sound, enter the system sound setting interface, just right click on the USB sound card option, then select "Settings" in the pop-up menu "Default device" and "Set as default communication device".

3. After completion of the above settings, we will find where the USB sound card under "Play" label will be marked with a green check mark icon, click the right mouse button and select "Test" to test whether you can be a normal voice If there is a sound, the setting is successful, click "OK" below.
After reading the steps introduced in the above small series, you should have a certain grasp of the function of using the built-in sound card usb speaker in the computer. Interested users must come to learn and learn, I believe it will gain something.

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