Win7 system installation IE10 white screen problem solution

IE browser has always been a browser we use, in our daily office, the rate is very high, so IE browser is constantly upgrading and updating, want to create A better experience. However, contrary to expectations, some users have experienced a lot of symptoms after upgrading to the latest version of IE IE10, white screen, unable to open the page and so on. People are very headaches. In desperation, they can only reluctantly cut love, download IE10, the following small Edit to teach you how to uninstall IE10 browser in a safe situation.
win7 system installation IE10 solution to the problem of the white screen appears
1, accounted hit "Start" and find and click on "Control Panel" in the dialog box

2, found in the Control Panel. " programs "under the" uninstall ", click" uninstall a program "dialog box appears;

3, accounted click" View installed updates ", a new dialog box appears;

4. In the pop-up dialog box, find Windows Internet Explorer 10, right click on Windows Internet Explorer 10 - select "Uninstall";
5, restart the computer, the computer automatically reverts to the previously installed IE9;
6, such uninstallation , completely uninstall IE10, no patch;
7, if you want to re-install IE10, you can search from Baidu, download IE10, or download the IE10 to the Windows official website to re-install.
When we uninstall some programs, we must pay attention to the operation within the scope of security, in order to prevent some dangers during the uninstall process, resulting in the security of the computer is threatened, the above small editor can guarantee the computer's method Security, come and try it now!

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