How to disable the whiteboard program operation method under win7 system

Speaking of the current chat tools, the most popular estimate is the QQ program. Almost everyone has more than one QQ account. Whether it is on a computer or a mobile phone, everyone is always logged in, so Tencent QQ is in China. The coverage is still very broad. In fact, there is a self-directed chat tool on our win7 computer, called netmeeting. It is estimated that few people know it because everyone uses it very little, but this program is still very powerful, the most basic text chat, video Voice chat, picture sending, etc. are all available. The following small series will teach you to cancel the whiteboard function in the win7 Ultimate computer.
Disabling the operation of the whiteboard program
1. First, we press the win+R shortcut key on the win7 Ultimate computer keyboard to open the running window of the computer. In the open running window, we input gpedit.msc and single Hit the car so that you can open the Group Policy Editor window for the win7 Ultimate computer.

2. Open the Group Policy Editor window, we expand "User Configuration" - "Administrative Templates" - "All Settings" to find the right "to disable the whiteboard program." We

3. Double-click the "Disable Whiteboard" option, then pop up the settings window, the default setting to Enabled, and then click OK to save it.
The setting method is still very simple, as long as the simple three steps can be set up, double-click the "disable whiteboard program" option is ok, friends in need can try!

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