How to display the Wubi input method at the top of the win7 system?

I think many young people are better at Pinyin now, so most of them are installed on the computer. But you may forget that there are many middle-aged and even older people who are using computers, and they tend to be more interested in five-stroke input. The ability of young people to give inferences is better. Compared with the cleverness of young people, middle-aged people appear to have a slight disadvantage. The following small series will take the five-stroke input method as an example to see how to put five strokes at the forefront in many input methods. Let these middle-aged people use the computer in a simple and convenient way. Hurry and see how to solve this problem in the win7 system!
The method of displaying the five-stroke input method at the top
1. First press the win+R shortcut on the keyboard to open the running window of the computer. Then type regedit in the window and click Enter. This will open the Book Editor window.

2. Open the Registry Editor window, click to expand direct order HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \\ SYSTEM \\ CurrentControlSet \\ Control \\ keyboard layout in the left window, here is the location of each input method.
3. The input method position in the system is in HKEY_USERS\\.DEFAULT\\keyboard layout\\preload. If the user wants to put the Wubi input method first, refer to the code shown in the figure below. Assume that the input method sequence becomes "five pens", "English", "full spell" and "smart ABC", and the primary key and key value can be changed as follows:
1 E0220804 2 00000409 3 E0010804 4 E0040804

The above is the way to set the five-stroke input method at the forefront in the Win7 system. Of course, this method can not only put the five-stroke input method at the forefront, other input methods are also available, users can choose.
Everyone needs this method to be able to learn using the input method in the future. The above small series also mentioned that whether it is five strokes or pinyin, it can be conveniently placed at the forefront. Don't hurry to take action?

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