How to clean the icon after the win7 system uninstall software

Under Windows system, when we delete the installed program, we can completely delete the related file icons of the software, but some users report that after uninstalling the program, the icon of the corresponding program will remain on the desktop. Manually can be clear, how do we let the software clear the desktop icon when uninstalling the problem? Let's look at the solution that Xiaobian brings to everyone.
Clean up the icon after the win7 system uninstall software. 1. First press the win+r shortcut on the keyboard to open the running window of the computer, then enter regedit in the window and click Enter, so you can open the computer. The registry editor window is up.

2. Open the Registry Editor window, expand the menu on the left of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \\ Local Settings \\ Software \\ Microsoft \\ Windows \\ CurrentVersion \\ TrayNotify, and then find the "IconStreams" in the right window Follow the two items "PastIconsStream" and delete them. The operation method is very simple. Right click on the two items and select Delete. After

3. Click the Delete button, the system will prompt window pops up to confirm value delete, and then click on them to be.
The above method mainly uses the registry to clean up the deleted icons. Of course, we can also use third-party uninstall tools to completely clean up software residues.
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