Win7 system cancels the function of automatic synchronization time

Careful users will be confused about the "ingenious" change of time under the win7 system. Many times, the time displayed by us in different places is different. It is not special in China. Obviously, but we are online between the domestic and foreign countries, the system time will change! At this time, because under the win7 system, the timeline of the system automatically passes the time zone of the current network location, so we will automatically modify the time, then Some users do not want to automatically synchronize the time, then how should we cancel the synchronization time function? Let's see the method of canceling the time synchronization for everyone!
Win7 system cancels the function of automatic synchronization time 1. Click first The windows key on the keyboard is either directly click on the start menu, then find and click into the interface of the control panel.
2. In the control panel, first change the view mode at the top right, change the default setting to a small icon, if the default is a small icon, it will not be changed.
3. In the window below, find the date and time and enter, then you can see the interface, switch the window interface to Internet time, you can see that the default is to synchronize with the network, click below Change the settings.

4. In the window that pops up in, will be an Internet time server check this one remove, then click OK to save it.

by the above method we can cancel the automatic synchronization function of the system, of course, if you need to turn on when this feature may be reopened by the above method!

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