Win7 appears bootmgr is missing how to solve

Many users who use win7 have encountered a black interface when the system is booted, and the message "bootmgr is missing" is displayed. Traditionally, this problem may be caused by the loss of important files in the system, followed by the more common virus damage. How should we solve this problem when we encounter this problem? Today, Xiaobian specially brought a detailed solution to this problem, and you can try it if you need it.

method to solve the problem of reconstruction bootmgr is missing BCD file
if you can find the installation CD, it is recommended way to rebuild the BCD file.
1. Insert the installation CD into the driver, and then set it to boot when booting.
2. When you see the "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD ..." or "Press any key to boot from the disc" prompt, press a key on the keyboard to continue.
3. Then select Repair Computer - Set the matching language, time, area, input method - click command prompt.
4. In the command prompt window that appears, run the following commands in sequence:
Restart the computer and you will find the problem solved.
Recovery CD repair bootmgr
1, boot, has been mad pressing DEL button or F2 button or F12 button, the purpose of entering CMOS settings!
2, switch to Advanced BIOS, set First Boot Device to CDROM! Different There are different methods for setting up the machine. Of course, some can be directly selected by the DEL button.
3, insert the system disk recovery disc! Start the computer.
4, after displaying the installation interface of the CD, click on the repair computer!
5, in the dialog box that comes out, click on the automatic repair!
6, after the repair is complete, remove the CD!
7, restart Computer, see if the problem is solved.
Active partition setting repair bootmgr
1, insert PE system disk can also be U disk boot disk.
2, enter the PE system, right click on my computer, select management!
3, select the disk management option!
4, right click to install the system disk (general user is c drive), select mark this Partition is the active partition!
5, restart the computer to see if the problem is solved.
Boot Repair

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