Win7 system error code 0x00000005 error solution

sound card driver is a special program that can make the computer and device communicate, can be said to be equivalent to the hardware interface, the operating system can only control the work of the hardware device through this interface, if a device The driver does not work properly and does not work properly. Therefore, the driver is known as the "soul of hardware." A sound card is an adapter for sound processing on a computer. It has three basic functions: one is the music synthesis pronunciation function; the second is the Mixer function and the digital sound effect processor (DSP) function; the third is the analog input and output functions of the sound signal. Therefore, once the sound card driver installation error occurs, it will inevitably lead to the input, output and processing of the computer sound signal. The following small series is introduced for everyone, when the system reports the error code 0x00000005 solution.

1. First, restart your computer, press F8 when the computer is turned on on your keyboard to enter into safe mode, and then double-click the Computer icon on the desktop, and then turn into the path C: \\ windows \\ Under system32\\drivers, then find two files, Hdaudbus.sys and Hdaudio.sys, and delete both files. It should be noted here that if there are other files starting with had, they need to be deleted together.
2. After that, return to the desktop location again, then right click on the computer icon, select Manage, go to the computer management interface, expand the device manager in the left menu, and then find "Microsoft UAA Bus" in the right window. Driver for High Definition Audio option, double-click the item, select Deactivate, then click the item again, select Uninstall Delete.
3. After restarting, restart the computer again. After booting, you will be prompted to find new hardware. According to the prompts, you can use the sound card after installing the hardware.
Install the sound card driver error code 0x00000005 method is introduced here, I hope to help everyone, if you encounter the above error, this method can be easily solved, smoothly installed the sound card driver.

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