How does Win7 recover the deleted System Help and Support feature?

Many users generally do not use the "system help and support" function that comes with the system, and some even delete the function, but when it is critically needed, it cannot find the way to open the function; therefore, the small series specifically addresses this The class user provides the operation method of retrieving the "system help and support" function, which can be seen if needed!
Win7 recovery is deleted "system help and support" operation method 1. First press the keyboard directly Windows icon key, or directly click the start menu, then enter "Notepad" in the search box in the pop-up shortcut menu and click Enter, so that you can open a blank notebook.
2. In the open Notepad file, copy the following code:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
“Content Type"="text/xml"
"Content Type"="text/xml"
Note that after pasting in , you need to click the file in the window above the Notepad document - Save As, and then save the file as a .reg file, such as 1.reg set here.

in accordance with the above operation, your "Help and Support" is appeared, in fact, necessary to function even in the time we do not need nor deleted, after all, it does not take up any of our resources, so I will accept the mercy in the future!

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