How to turn off the motherboard integrated sound card under Win7 system

The sound card is also called an audio card. Sound card is the most basic component of multimedia technology, and it is a kind of hardware that realizes the mutual conversion of acoustic/digital signals. The basic function of the sound card is to convert the original sound signal from the microphone, tape, and disc to the sound device such as headphones, speakers, amplifiers, recorders, etc., or to make the instrument sound beautiful through the music device digital interface (MIDI). Integrated sound card refers to the type of sound card that the chipset supports. The more common ones are AC'97 and HD Audio. The motherboard of the chipset with integrated sound card can realize the complete function of the sound card at a relatively low cost. But in fact, for the user, we rarely use the sound card function, so in order to maximize the running speed, it is also a matter of course to turn off the motherboard integrated sound card. The following small series will introduce the skills of Win7 to turn off the motherboard integrated sound card. Under
Win7 system off-board sound card method

1, boot the computer press Del on the keyboard to enter BIOS interface;

2, found inside the bios interface "Chipset Futures Setup", then hit enter, find the Onchip Sound option on the right, then set it to disabled, then click F10 to save;
3. After entering the BIOS, move it to the "Advanced" tab. Find the "I/O Device Configuration" option below, click the Enter button, and find the "Onboard AC97 Audio Controller" option below, set it to disabled, and then click the F10 button to save and exit.
If you feel that the sound card has no practical effect for you, you can turn it off. If you have a certain pursuit of computer speed, just come and learn.

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