Win7 bottom right corner prompts this Windows copy is not genuine three solutions

Win7 bottom right corner prompts "This Windows copy is not genuine" how to do? Recently, users open the win7 system found that the Win7 system is turned on after the desktop is black, and there is a "this windows copy is not genuine" in the lower right corner of the screen Prompt, this is because the Win7 system is not activated. The solution to this problem can be to activate the Win7 system or to shut down some services. The following small series will bring you a solution, let's take a look.
Option One:
1. Open the Win7 system Start menu, click All Programs;

2. Open all programs in the annex, right command prompt, click the administrator takes ownership;

3. run the command prompt "SLMGR -REARM" command;

4. after waiting for command execution, you can briefly activate the Win7 system, time limit of four months.

Option Two: Run the services.msc command + after
1.Win R;

2. From the list of services to find and open the "Software Protection", "SPP Notification Service" This two services; startup type

3. these two services to automatic restart Win7.

Option Three:
1. activate Win7 system, you can use windows7 Ultimate Edition activation key permanent activation key to activate.

In fact, there are many ways to activate Win7 encounter such problems, it is recommended directly activate Win7 system.
The above is the three solutions to the problem of "This Windows copy is not genuine" in the lower right corner of Win7 brought by Xiaobian. I hope it can help everyone.

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