Wireless network card cannot access internal resources

The computer is connected to the local area network through the wireless network card, but after the newly added network card and the wireless AP, the wireless AP is connected to the internal switch, and the wireless network card and the wireless AP are set and debugged on the laptop through the ADSL, and the ADSL can be used for Internet access. But you can't access the resources inside the company.
Disable the original network card in the computer, insert the wireless network card, and install the driver. As a result, the internal network can be accessed without accessing the Internet. When accessing network resources, the error message "The network does not exist or has not been started".
In this case, the reason for the inability to access the content resources may be due to file and printer sharing settings. In the "General" tab of the wireless network properties, select "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks". Secondly, after installing the wireless network card, it is recommended to perform the "Network Installation Wizard" or add file and printer sharing.

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