What are the win7 hard disk format conversion methods

The format of the hard disk may affect the operation of the hard disk. For example, the hard disk format is FAT, FAT32, NTFS. The format of FAT32 limits the file size, and FAT limits the number of files. So if you choose the format of the hard disk, it is best to use the NTFS format. If your system hard disk format is not NTFS at this time, how do you convert it back? You may think of formatting the hard disk, you can convert the hard disk format, but there is a very bad way to format the hard disk, it will be your system hard disk. The data is completely emptied, but the method is simple but it cannot solve the problem but creates the problem.
Below, Xiaobian describes how to convert the hard disk format of the ghost win7 operating system.
1. Click the Start button on the desktop and select "Run" from the Start menu. Then open the command prompt by entering the CMD command in the open run window.

Second, win7 64 Wei pure pop version of the command line interface, enter the following code convert c: /fs: ntfs, pay attention here, you can select the drive letter, if you want to modify is the D Disk hard disk format, then change C to D input here. Operation As shown below, is not it simple?

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