What should I do if the win7 system cannot play full screen?

Many users will choose to play games in the ghost win7 system download, with the increasing strength of ghost win7 compatibility, many users feel that playing games in ghost win7 is actually no weaker than in XP system, after all, relatively speaking, The ghost win7 system is more complete and the experience is relatively perfect. However, in the process of playing games, many users have found some deficiencies, what are the deficiencies? This is not, there is a netizen put forward, in the ghost win7 system, the game can not be full screen operation, then appear How do we deal with such a problem?
1. First, let's press the win+R shortcut on the ghost win7 system keyboard to open the running window of the computer, then type regedit in the window and click Enter. You can open the registry editor window of the ghost win7 system.
2. In the Registry Editor window, click to expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/ControlSet001/Control/GraphicsDrivers/Configuration in the left menu, then we will find the scaling option in the right window. We

3. Double-click to open this option, then the pop-up window to the Edit DWORD 32-bit value, we will modify the default value data is 3, and then click OK to exit the window.
After completing the above settings, you may wish to launch your previously opened game, then restart it, and now you can experience our game in full screen.
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