How does win7 hide the drive?

What is an optical drive? You may wish to look at your own computer. As long as it is not an ultrabook or a netbook, there are optical drive devices in the computer. The optical drive is also the device that we download the CD for the win7 64-bit flagship version. The computer's optical drive is on the mainframe, while the laptop's optical drive is on the right. What can an optical drive do? For our win7 Ultimate computer, when we need to install the system, if there is an optical drive, you can use the CD-ROM system, and there are many books with CDs, we can also use The optical drive is used to read. However, there are also many users who worry that others use the CD-ROM to burn important files in the Win7 Ultimate computer. In fact, it doesn't matter. The following small series will teach you how to hide the Win7 Ultimate CD-ROM drive.
1. First, let's press the win+R shortcut on the win7 Ultimate keyboard to open the computer's running window, then type regedit in the window and click Enter, this will open the registry editing of win7 Ultimate. The window is up.

2. Open the Registry Editor window, click to expand our turn left menu HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesExplorer, then right-click in the right window, the new - the binary value named NoDrives, next we Double-click to open this NoDrives and change the default value to "00 00 00 00".

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