How to modify the registry to improve the running speed of Win7 system

I usually use a browser to surf in my computer, but in the implementation, I will inevitably encounter the problem of slow opening of the webpage. There are many factors in this phenomenon, such as the system has too much garbage, the virtual memory space is insufficient, and so on. Optimization of these aspects does not seem to play any role, in fact, we can also use the registry to speed up the speed of the web page, then how to set up in the win7 system? Let's take a look at the win7 page for everyone to organize Optimization skills.
1. First click the windows button, this time you can open the ghost win7 start menu, after the start menu is opened, you will enter the run options. However, you can also directly click the computer's win+r key combination to open the running window. After

2. Run window opens, type regedit in which the characters, and then click the Enter key, so you can open the System Registry Editor window up. After the Registry Editor window opens, open the options in the left menu one by one, as follows: HKEY-LOCAL-MACHINE/SYSTEM/Controlset001/services/Tcpip/Parameters.

3. Then double click on the "Parameters" option, find the "DefaultTTL" option on the right and double-click inside the window, then in the editing window in which the value of the repair of 80, then sent to the base set into ten Hexadecimal, and finally click OK to save the changes even if the settings are completed.

DefaultTTL option to modify the registry parameters, you will find that the speed of web pages w7 system has greatly improved, if you are not satisfied with the current web speed, may wish to follow the above tips tutorial pages to optimize speed .

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