How does the Win7 system prohibit the system from being restored to the default state?

System Restore function can help us quickly restore the computer to the backup state, so that we can solve various problems of the system well. We also introduced the win7 system restore point creation tutorial, but For some users, this feature is completely unnecessary. Especially after backing up the system, worrying about other users resuming the current system at will, it will also cause problems such as system settings and file loss. In fact, we can manually disable the system. Restore to the default state, let's take a look at how win7 64-bit Ultimate is set up.
1. First, click the win+r shortcut on the win7 Ultimate keyboard. At this time, you can open the running window. After the run window opens, type gpedit.msc in it and click the Enter key. This will open the win7 Group Policy Editor window.

2, after the Group Policy Editor window opens, the inside of the left side of the following menu options expand: "Computer Configuration" - "management module" - "System" - "Restore", then on the right of In the window, find the "Allow system to restore to default state" option and double-click to open.

3, after editing window opens, change the default setting to "Disabled" little yellow too, and then they click OK to save your settings, even if it is completed.

when we will "allow the system to revert to the default state of" pure version of win7 to the Group Policy Editor to Disabled, the System Restore feature will be turned off, so do not worry about the system is reduced, of course, The user is still set according to personal circumstances.

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