Win7 system fax scanning can not be used to reinstall

The use of fax machines is very extensive, especially in enterprise companies, and the way to install and use printers under different operating systems will be different, but in the process of use will inevitably encounter some problems, recently users in win7 64 When the flagship version cannot use the fax function, it cannot be used normally. In this case, you need to reinstall the fax driver to use it normally. Let's take a look at the specific installation tutorial.
Installation Method /Step:
1. Open the "Control Panel" directly, then select "Programs and Features", click the "Open or Close Windows Function" option at the top left, as shown in the figure:

2, find the "Print and document services" inside "windows fax and scan" option, as shown:

3, if this option is already checked, then hook directly to remove the hook. After that, the system will prompt to restart. After restarting, check this option in the same place to re-install the fax function.
In the win7 pure version of the service management to enable and disable "windows fax and scan", then the fax machine can not be used to re-install the system can be solved, I hope to use the fax machine problem Helpful.

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