How to set the boot boot entry of win7? Where is the setting of the computer boot entry


Many software installation programs are the default boot startup, if the boot load of the software on the computer is more, the boot speed of the computer will be slow. At this time, you need to manually set the booting item. Where is the computer booting item set? Xiaobian's computer system is win7, win7 boot startup items how to set up? Xiaobian gives you two ways to share, I hope to help you in the slow start of the computer! Let's take a look at the introduction of Xiaobian!

Method 1: Where is the boot entry of the computer?

Step 1: Run from start---and call out the running interface (shortcut is: hold down the keyboard at the same time) the win + R keys)

step two: enter msconfig "command, then click OK

the third step: this time you can see that the interface after that you can modify on the line here

where the above steps are subject to change based on your own computer case, after press OK, there will be a reminder to restart the computer, modify the settings, you need a computer reboot to effectively Oh

method 2: If your computer has antivirus software installed can also be set up, Xiao Bian my computer installation is 360, you can boot entry in the 360 ​​set

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