How to set a key to turn off or turn on sleep mode in Win7 system


1. Click the Start button on the taskbar on the desktop, click on “All Programs” - “Accessories” from the Start menu, then right-click “Notepad” and select Run as administrator;

2, in the Notepad window opened by Win7, enter the corresponding command to execute. For example, if you want to turn off the hibernation feature, type the @powercfg-h off command. If you want to restart the hibernation function, then enter @powercfg-h on;

3, then the newly created notebook, click "File" - "Save As" in the menu, save the file For the .bat file. Remember that the two commands are entered separately in Notepad and then named "Turn off hibernation" and "Turn on hibernation" respectively. If you want to turn off or turn on hibernation mode, then double-click on the file you have created.

So we made two easy-to-use notepad command icons, put them on the desktop, and want to restart hibernation or turn off hibernation, just double-click the file. Let the function of hibernation become more convenient and convenient, and friends in need, try to operate it.

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