How to use win7 system to improve system security

syskey command a double password-protected settings
1, enter "syskey" in the "Run" in the Start menu, click OK;

2, the proposed interface The account database is the principle of NTFS encryption. For our general users, we don't need to study the principle. We just need to use it. Next click "Update";
3, here we choose the password to start, enter a password, and then click OK. Doing so will make WINXP need to enter the password more than once, which will serve as the encryption twice. When the operating system starts, we will display the window prompt “This computer needs a password to start, please enter the startup password” before we enter the user name and password. This is the first password protection we have just created.
Second, the production of password floppy disk
1. If we choose to "save the startup password on the floppy disk", this will generate a password floppy disk, without this floppy disk, no one wants to enter your operating system. Of course, If you have previously set the syskey system startup password, you will need to enter that password again to get the corresponding authorization. This is similar to the fact that we must know the original password when we change the QQ password.
2. Then the system will prompt you to put a floppy disk in the floppy disk drive, and a prompt will appear when the password floppy disk is generated.
3. Then we start the system again, then the system will prompt you to insert the password floppy disk, if you do not insert the floppy disk, click OK, the system will not give you the release.
Insert a password floppy disk and enter different passwords according to different accounts. At the same time, if you prefer, the key file in the password floppy disk can be copied to other floppy disks.
Third, the high security requirements for removing password floppy disk
If one day, your security requirements for the operating system are not so high, and you are tired of inserting a floppy disk every time you enter the system, what should I do? Select "Save boot password on this machine", of course, you must have a floppy disk with a key to perform this step. This is a reason to require an authorization password when creating a floppy disk.

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